These fire safety tips will provide your family with valuable life saving information


Having a working smoke detector in your home will cut your chances of dying in a house fire in half. They give you that extra minute to escape that is the difference between life anddeath. Smoke does not wake you up it actually puts you into a deepersleep. Thousands of lives are lost each year in homes without these devices. What is more scary is that there are more households with smokedetectors that don't work than without them to begin with. Also when purchasing one of these make sure they bare the UL (UnderwritersLaboratory) mark.

Once you've installed a new smoke detector here are a few tips to provide maximum performance:

  1. Test smoke detectors once a month
  2. Clean them once a year with a vacuum or by manufactures specifications. Try not to send dust clouds into detectors. Shield them when doing work around them. Do not Paint them!
  3. Replace the batteries when you change the clock. Use good alkaline batteries.
  4. Replace unit every ten years. They only have a 50% chance of working after fifteen years. It's too risky to wait longer than ten when the chance of failure is 30%
  5. See diagram below for smoke detector placement throughout the home. Yes, you need more than one!

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Place one smoke detector on every floor and in every sleeping room